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As a Member of Driving Venture we want to take your car ownership to the next level. By joining the many other passionate supercar owners we already have in the club you can look forward to a broad range of events. We want our members to have great times and form friendships with lots of events to look forward to. Please note we are now only accepting applications via personal referrals from existing members.

Included in your annual membership fee and for full members only:

Social events….

Enjoy meals out with other supercar owners as we enjoy some fabulous meals together at different locations around the north of the UK. We will also hold coffee morninsg and meets to look forward to. Enjoy the drive there and back and look forward to some super photos of your car by our incredible media team.

We also plan other activities such as Karting evenings followed by a meal out and also some walks and hikes for the more energetic amongst us.


The most important reason you bought your car was to enjoy driving it and with Driving Venture you can look forward to some epic drives on the most coveted roads in the UK, which will include Wales, the Yorkshire Dales, Cumbria and Northumberland. You have seen the content we create, join us, and allow us to capture your supercar doing what it does best, being driven on the best roads in the country.

Our drives will include breakfast, lunch or both.

Trips and tours….

At additional cost for members only.

Join us for fabulous days of driving, taking in the best scenes and locations the UK has to offer, including overnight stops followed by dinner every evening. You will enjoy overnight stays at some truly picturesque locations here in the UK. An overnight stop allows us to explore the UK that bit further and get you to places in your car that you didn’t know existed, and most importantly, drive incredible roads. The Thrones Tour will be a staple event on the calendar each year, exploring the Northern Counties.

Other overnight stays will be planned in other picturesque parts of the UK including Wales and the Cotswolds. There are so many roads to look forward to driving and enjoying together.

Our most coveted tour to join is the Driving Venture “Highlander” as there can be only one…this will be a multi day tour of the best The Scottish Highlands has to offer. Jeremy Clarkson himself has said it all, they are the best he has ever driven. The Highlander will see you enjoy the scenery the culture and cuisine of the Sottish Highlands. This will all be expertly captured for you to look back on and we will capture the perfect photograph of your supercar taken at locations you will never forget.

European tours….

We plan to run at least two European adventures each year to start with – one to the Spanish Pyrenees and one to the Alps. These multi day trips will take in the best roads on the continent, affording you the opportunity to explore those wonderful alpine passes and the culture and cuisine of each country. A trip meticulously planned from start to finish which allows you to sit back and enjoy the tour with a partner or on your own. Driving Venture will again capture it all for you with incredible content from our amazing media team.

As a member of Driving Venture we want to provide you with a breadth of activities and events that will truly be great times.. it really is all about the experience…

I look forward to meeting you at an event soon

Best wishes Dave….

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