About Driving Venture

David Hester

David is the founder and owner of Driving Venture which was established in 2017. David is passionate about creating a friendly club for sports cars owners. David has extensive experience in organising social events with his friends with his “Lads Curry Night” now set for its 30th edition. He also loves to put other things on for his friends such as Karting and meals out afterwards too.

David is keen to ensure that the club seeks to satisfy members desire for some epic driving events and days out, where members will enjoy some of the country’s best roads. He has passion for the Scottish Highlands having organised and led many trips their over the years. He also is keen to explore Europe’s best roads too and will be putting on some events in Europe for club members to look forward to.

David’s family lives in Cheshire and he has two children one of which, Emily, you may have seen appearing in some of his YouTube videos. David has been working in Financial Services since 1999 and is a qualified Independent Financial Adviser. He has run his own firm, David Hester Wealth Management since 2007.

After having organised so many great times with his friends over the years he felt it was time to embark on a new journey and establish his Driving Venture as a friendly and close group of friends who can enjoy many more great times ahead together.

Key to this is David’s desire to capture the great times club members will enjoy together with exceptional photography and video content. Being able to capture the great times we have together is very important to him. Driving Venture is all about the experience and David certainly hopes you will join him and the other club members and create yours too.

Paul Halliwell

Paul first met David at a car meet in 2016, ever since then they have enjoyed some memorable times driving together on the wonderful roads in Wales with Paul’s dad in his Lamborghini Performante.

Paul has captured some of David’s most cherished photos of his first Crayon GT3 and the infamous Racing Yellow Boxster Spyder, Paul is responsible for the Home Page cover shot of David’s immense Crayon GT3RS and he is very much looking forward to shooting David’s Colour to Sample Spyder too.

Paul has worked for a range of social media influencers and is known for the exceptional quality of his work which is admired so much by the owners of the cars and a global audience on his Instagram page.

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